Pet Wellness

Learn more about Virginia Beach Veterinary Hospital’s pet wellness below!

Virginia Beach Veterinary Hospital’s Pet Wellness

Annual Wellness Exams

During your annual physical exam, your veterinarian fully examines your pet and discusses vaccinations and ongoing wellness. Just like you do wellness visits with your doctor, it’s important that your pet does the same. During these visits, our team will examine your pet from nose to tail. Based on the physical exam and lab work, recommendations are given to achieve and maintain optimal health for your pet. These recommendations could include dental care, nutritional counseling, behavioral advice, and pain management.

Pet Vaccination

During your pet’s wellness exam, we will make recommendations for individual vaccine plans based on the needs and lifestyle of your pet and its unique environment.

Heartworm Flea and Tick Prevention

Heartworm Testing

Heartworm, flea, and tick prevention are always preferable to treating an infestation in progress. We recommend annual heartworm testing. Our clinic will run an Idexx SNAP 4Dx test annually. The 4Dx is a quick and simple blood test that screens for four diseases that affect dogs: Heartworm, Lyme, Anaplasma, and Ehrlichia. These vectorborne diseases can be deadly, especially if left untreated. Heartworm has been found in dogs all across the United States.

Parasite Prevention

Intestinal Parasite Screening

Getting yearly fecal exams at Virginia Beach Veterinary Hospital is the best way to keep your pet and your family safe from intestinal parasites. Annual intestinal parasite analysis gives your veterinarian a chance to check for intestinal parasites before more serious conditions arise.