Safeguarding Pets While Swimming

As summer temperatures rise, you and your furry companion will likely want to go swimming to calm off. Although it’s in their name, not all dogs or companions know how to “doggy paddle,” so take the necessary precautions when swimming with a canine companion. Here are five guidelines for keeping your pet safe while swimming.

#1: Provide water that is safe for consumption

If your companion enters the pool or another body of water to quench its thirst, it is more likely to consume contaminated or chemically-treated water. Always provide ample clean water to satisfy your pet’s thirst prior to and following swimming.

#2: Ensure that your companion is wearing a life vest

Rather than relying solely on your pet’s swimming ability to keep them aloft in deep water, you should ensure they are wearing a life vest. Before entering the water, have your companion try on the life vest so he or she can adjust to the equipment.

#3: Never abandon your pet in water unguarded

Pets can panic if left alone in water, so keep a close check on your furry friend at all times when they are swimming.

#4: Teach your pet on how to exit the pool

If your companion falls into your pool when you aren’t around, they may not be able to escape on their own. Ensure that your creature has access to a stable set of stairs for climbing out of the pool, and that they know how to use them.

#5: Rinse your companion off after a swim

After a swim in a pool or lake, chemicals, pathogens, and general dirt and debris can embed themselves in the thick fur of your companion. Rinse your pet’s fur thoroughly after swimming to prevent them from licking contaminants off their bodies.

Accidents can occur near bodies of water, particularly if your pet is unable to swim and leans in for a drink. During the summer, if your companion experiences a water-related emergency, please contact our team for assistance.